Children and families

Handwriting support

Please speak to your child's school in the first instance to find out what support can be put in place before making a referral to occupation therapy for handwriting difficulties.

You may be concerned about your child's handwriting if:

  • they struggle to hold a pencil
  • their writing is difficult to read
  • they feel pain when writing

We cannot accept referrals for handwriting difficulties unless appropriate strategies have already been trialled. 

Ask the school what support and strategies can be put in place to support your child's difficulties. They may suggest things that you can continue at home to help with your child's progress. 

The advice and strategies below may also help you to identify what parts of handwriting your child finds hard and how you can help them to improve.

What next?

If little or no progress has been made following the school's intervention, you or the school may submit a referral. See our referral process for more information.

You will need to submit evidence that you have trialled the strategies three times a week for at least one term and include any reports from the school. This will help the therapist to identify the best intervention for the child or young person.

Do not submit a referral if you have not yet approached the school for support and trialled strategies at home.