Children and families

My child has difficulties accessing home or their school

If you feel that your child’s home or school environment is stopping them from participating in family or school life they may need an occupational therapy assessment.

These difficulties may be because your child has a physical disability or a reduced understanding of danger.  It may include:

  • Difficulties getting into the house, moving around and going up and down the stairs.  
  • Being unable to access the bath, shower or toilet.
  • Being unable to sit up independently to watch TV, eat meals and socialise.
  • Concerns around your child going to a new school.
  • Difficulties moving safely around their school and accessing all parts of the school day such as eating lunch, going to the toilet, doing PE and doing a technology lesson.

If your child is experiencing any of the above, you can request a referral to the Children's Occupational Therapy Service.