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Referral criteria for children's occupational therapy and requesting an assessment

An occupational therapy assessment looks at ways we can help children with additional needs carry out key life tasks at home, school and at play.

The aim of an assessment is to identify equipment, adaptations and activities which will help them develop their independence.

Who qualifies for an assessment?

Referral criteria for a sensory-motor assessment

  • The child or young person must be under 18 and registered with a Liverpool GP.
  • Children under 5 must be in an education setting, such as a nursery. Children under 5 who are not in an education setting will be supported by the Alder Hey OT Service and you must contact your GP for a referral.
  • The child or young person must be experiencing a difficulty that significantly and persistently impacts on their ability to participate in activities of daily living. This may include but is not limited to washing, dressing, feeding and toileting.

Referral criteria for home and/or school environmental assessment

  • The child or young person must be under 18 and live in the Liverpool City Council catchment area.
  • The child must have a physical or neurological condition which is significantly impacting on their ability to access their home and/or school and using essential facilities such as getting in and out of the property or school, accessing a bedroom or bathroom, using a toilet and washing facilities.

Who can request a referral?

A parent, school, social care or health professional can request an assessment for a child.

Before you request a referral, please check that an assessment is necessary in the first instance, as we may need you to trial strategies at home for certain things before we can accept a referral.

If your referral relates to any of the following, please read the steps you need to take first before requesting a referral as you will need to submit evidence that you have trialled the strategies as part of the referral process:

If you have followed the guidance above and are sure an assessment is necessary, request a referral below. Remember to have any supporting evidence to hand to submit with this application.

Request an occupational therapy assessment

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What happens next?

We will review your request and let you know our decision within 15 working days.

If we decide to carry out an assessment, we will put the child or young person on our waiting list.

There is a high demand for assessments but we will look at how urgent the child or young person’s needs are when we place them on our waiting list.