Children and families

Do I need to make an OT referral for support for my child?

Liverpool Children's Occupational Therapy (OT) services offers a graduated response and not all support requires a referral into the service.

If your concern is about:

Support is available for children with sensory processing difficulties without the need for a referral.

If you are a parent, carer or school find out what to do for sensory processing difficulties

Schools, settings, parents or young people can request an EHC assessment. See the process for requesting support with EHC plans and assessments.

You do not need an EHC plan or an occupational therapy referral to access support from the sensory processing pathway. Find out how to get support for sensory processing difficulties.

Please speak to your child's school in the first instance to find out what support can be put in place before making a referral to OT for handwriting difficulties.

We cannot accept referrals for handwriting difficulties unless appropriate strategies have already been trialled.  See our process for handwriting support.

Please speak to your child's school about concerns around attention and concentration difficulties. See the process if struggling with attention and concentration.