Pillar 3: Thriving communities

We will work with local people and partner agencies to create clean, green and safe communities. We will deliver excellent neighbourhood services and make more effective use of enforcement to address local needs. We will use our powers and influence so that the city gets more of the right homes in the right places, whilst focusing our resources on people who are most in need of help – preventing homelessness and enforcing safety standards.

Street cleaner vehicle in operation

Accountability for delivery

  • Cabinet Member for Communities, Neighbourhoods and Streetscene
  • Cabinet Member for Housing
  • Corporate Director of Neighbourhoods and Housing
  • Corporate Director for City Development
  • The Leader of the Council, the Cabinet Member for Finance, Resources and Transformation, and the Chief Executive have accountability and oversight across all six pillars

What we want to achieve

  1. Priority outcomes

    1. Greener and cleaner neighbourhoods
    2. Transformed neighbourhood services which meet the needs of local communities
    3. People feel safe when they are out in the city, within their local neighbourhoods and in their homes
    4. Safe, sustainable and genuinely affordable homes
    5. A joined-up approach to ending homelessness
  1. How we will deliver the outcomes for thriving communities

    1. Greener and cleaner neighbourhoods

      1. Deliver a more effective approach to waste reduction, street cleaning and recycling
      2. Improve the look and feel of communities through better use of enforcement and intelligence to reduce levels of vacant / derelict land and buildings, litter, graffiti, fly tipping and inconsiderate parking
      3. Transform our capability and capacity to tackle anti-social behaviour and handle complaints, whilst implementing new technological solutions to improve efficiencies in case management
      4. Improve parks, green spaces and play facilities in the city
      5. Ensure that parks, green spaces and new development contribute towards increased biodiversity
    2. Transformed neighbourhood services which meet the needs of local communities

      1. Transform how the council and its stakeholders work together to tackle local priorities by implementing a new neighbourhood model, with a phased and adaptive approach
      2. Develop local plans through community consultations to improve neighbourhoods, empowering people to shape the future of the area in which they live and the services they receive
      3. Provide a strong and cohesive offer to help residents access services, keep active and engage in creative, learning, sporting and physical activities through one stop shops, parks, libraries, sport and leisure facilities
      4. Improve how we work with, support, and invest in, the voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise sectors
    3. People feel safe when they are out in the city, within their local neighbourhoods and in their homes

      1. Work in partnership, as part of the Citysafe Board, to prevent and reduce crime and disorder and improve community cohesion
      2. Address Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) by implementing the VAWG strategy, which includes tackling sexual violence and domestic abuse, working closely with local and national partners
      3. Collaborate with Merseyside Police action to tackle serious violence and organised crime, responding effectively to critical incidents across the city
      4. Work with partners to deliver Citysafe Plan priorities including tackling hate crime, serious violence and domestic abuse.
      5. Challenge extremism and keep people safe from radicalisation through building community and individual resilience and manage the effective transition of the region’s Channel service from the Council to Merseyside Police
      6. Ensure the Liverpool Community Resilience Plan meets the needs of the city’s residents and businesses and improves our preparedness to manage the risks and threats arising from future crises and emergencies
       Licensing Enforcement Officers patrolling
    4. Safe, sustainable and genuinely affordable homes

      1. We will support partners to build least 8,000 new homes over the next 4 years. New homes will cover all tenures and be built by private developers and registered providers. The council will develop a housing strategy and supportive policies to ensure the housing needs of current and future citizens are being met
      2. Deliver 20% affordable housing over the next 4 years across Liverpool in partnership with our Registered Providers, including genuinely affordable homes let at social rents
      3. Increase the development of homes on Council-owned land, including through our community-led housing programme
      4. Bring empty homes back into use by developing a new vacant property strategy outlining our enforcement approach to tackling long-term voids
      5. Seek investment to scale up existing programmes to improve the sustainability and warmth of Liverpool homes
      6. Improve private sector housing standards through landlord, tenant and community engagement, property licensing and enforcement where necessary
      7. Provide high quality design (including accessibility) sustainable mix of type and tenure and contribute to net zero on all new residential development
    5. A joined-up approach to ending homelessness

      1. Strengthen early identification and support of residents at risk of homelessness – and improve the quality of, and access to, housing advice
      2. Work with Registered Providers to develop a robust housing options service that is accessible and offers a range of affordable and sustainable options
      3. Work with landlords to improve our access to private rented sector accommodation as a long-term housing solution
      4. Develop a system for the joint procurement of temporary accommodation for Children’s Services
      5. Develop a range of housing options for refugees, ensuring tenancy sustainment and employment is an integral part of our offer to this section of our community
Labre House outreach team speaking to rough sleeper on street