The Council Plan is our vision to make Liverpool fairer, cleaner and stronger for all.

It addresses the long-term issues facing our city and sets out how we can improve outcomes for our residents.

At its core is improving the quality and delivery of our services. But we can't do this alone.

To make our vision a reality we must:

  • engage better with our residents and businesses.
  • work smarter with our partners.
  • be more responsive to our diverse communities

How do we achieve our vision?

Six strategic pillars support our vision and this is the framework for our actions and plans:

  1. A strong and fair economy for all
  2. High quality and inclusive education, skills and employment
  3. Thriving communities
  4. Healthier lives for children and adults
  5. A well-connected, sustainable and accessible city
  6. A well-run council

Three cross-cutting principles feature throughout the plan. These will shape and inform delivery across the strategic pillars. These are:

  • Climate action and environment
  • Inclusion and equalities
  • Innovation and transformation

Download the Council Plan or use the links on the right to find out more about our vision.

  • Council Plan 2023-2027

    Download this document: Council Plan 2023-2027 (PDF: 1.8 MB)

    The Council Plan 2023-2027 outlines a vision for a trusted, aspirational and learning council, enabling a thriving and sustainable city for everyone.

    First published: 21/09/2023

Reporting on progress

We will use a range of performance metrics to track progress against the ambitious aims set out in this Council Plan. Updates on our progress will be shared openly.

Over the next 18 months, we will particularly focus our reporting on 10 priorities where we want to see significant progress.

How does the Council Plan support other plans?

City Plan

The Council Plan supports the delivery of the City Plan for Liverpool. The City Plan is collectively owned by our public, private and voluntary sectors, to tackle Liverpool's biggest challenges city-wide.

The Council Plan looks at areas of the City Plan where we deliver actions ourselves, or play a leading role in bringing partners and communities together.

Other plans

The Council Plan provides the strategic framework to guide how we do that over the next four years. More detail on delivery will be set out in other strategies and policies across the council, including the  Medium Term Financial Plan and Local Plan.