Monitoring and reporting on progress

We are committed to becoming a more performance driven and transparent council, so we can deliver the best possible services and build trust amongst residents, partners and staff.

We will use of range of indicators to track progress against the ambitious outcomes set out in this plan, and will share this openly. Performance - How do we measure up?. In doing so, we’ll want to see progress on:


  • Increased growth in businesses and employment, with people supported into jobs that have fair employment conditions and pay people well.
  • Progress on major regeneration projects across the city will support higher quality places to live, work and visit.
  • Liverpool’s brand will be strengthened nationally and internationally, in part through the delivery of more successful events like Eurovision, leading to increased visitor numbers.

Education and Skills

  • Higher levels of educational attainment for all children in the city.
  • Improved pathways into employment with higher numbers of school leavers in education, employment or training.


  • People are able to access a range of good quality services at a local level.
  • People feel that the council acts on their concerns.
  • We have cleaner and greener neighbourhoods where people are proud to live.
  • People feel safer where they live and across the city, with reduced anti-social behaviour.
  • There will be an increase in the supply of affordable homes.
  • Fewer households living in temporary accommodation.

Health and Social Care

  • Our social care services will support more people to live independently at home, where viable.
  • There will be an improved choice of high quality services.
  • Children and families will be able to remain together where possible.
  • High quality support to safeguard children and young people.
  • Effective partnership working will help to tackle health inequalities across the city.

Transport and Sustainability

  • Clear progress will be made on climate action, with a measurable reduction in the council’s CO2 emissions and across the city.
  • The transport network will be more reliable and efficient, with safe access for all and more people travelling by sustainable modes (including walking, cycling, and public transport).
  • People will be more satisfied with the council’s maintenance of pavements and roads.

Well-Run Council

  • The council will have delivered sufficient improvements in its governance and financial stability to allow for the removal of central government intervention.
  • The council will deliver a sustainable balanced budget with adequate reserves.
  • We will be able to demonstrate improved public confidence in the council and staff confidence in the council as a place to work will have improved.

We will produce quarterly and annual progress reports

  • Quarterly reports will primarily focus on the council’s performance, looking at progress on actions and key performance indicators for what the council is responsible for delivering against each outcome.
  • Our annual reports will look at more outcome-focused measures that are longer term in nature and therefore slower to shift. These outcomes will effectively assess the overall ‘state of the city’. We will also review feedback from our annual residents and staff surveys.

Frequent performance reporting will help to inform better delivery planning, and where necessary we will make changes if improvement is required or to respond to emerging challenges and opportunities. This is a living document and whilst we intend the main pillars and outcomes to be in place over the next four years, the actions areas will be updated over time.

Alongside the formal reporting framework, we will be more actively engaging with residents, businesses and other partners to shape, and monitor the impact of many actions across this plan. Responding to such feedback will be better coordinated through the new neighbourhood model, and we will also run regular citizen engagement panel sessions to allow us to explore issues in more depth.

The Strategic Improvement Plan

We are also committed to working collaboratively with the government Commissioners and they will report separately on progress to the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities. Progress against this plan is also be reported to Cabinet and the Council’s Audit Committee on a regular basis.